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9th July 2019 – 5:00 pm


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ICB stands for “International Coin Bank”, which designed to work as both digital assets management agency and medium for the integration of digital assets into daily life. As oppose to traditional financial management agencies, ICB uses blockchain technology as it’s basis of operation in order to achieve global decentralized digital assets management, which uphold the value of integrity and liberty. ICB maintains its profitability through providing secure and impartial service to digital assets owners using blockchain-based system.

The Trends of Assets Digitalization

The industry of digital assets and cryptocurrencies have been booming following the release of pioneering blockchain projects such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Both financiers on and traditional investors are fascinated with digitalization of assets as a potential solution to most loophole in the current state of our financial system. In process of assets digitization, the ecosystem posed numbers of security risks in digital assets storage and transaction. Although the decentralized mode of operation has enabled the blockchain ecosystem to create an unprecedented automated security system and resolved the hidden crisis of many digital asset operations, however, decentralization does not solve all trust and security issues completely.

Mission & Vision

With the rapid development of technology, we believe that artificial intelligence technology could penetrate into the financial sector through “data + computing power + algorithm + scenario” and promote the development of “smart finance”. We build an open, interactive, reciprocal and win-win financial integrated service platform through blockchain financial technology. ICB will establish a state-of-art Digital Assets Integrated Financial Service Platform, presenting complex technologies in the most convenient way, bringing a beginner-friendly financial management service experience to users around the globe, with the global “shared economy model” and the global users share the fruits of economic civilization and development.


The creation of ICBX began with the unprecedented idea of Global Assets Digitalization by ICB. ICB is committed to using an innovative blockchain financial technology to create an open, interactive, peer-to-peer, and win-win Digital Assets Integrated Financial Service Platform, through independent research and development of blockchain underlying architecture agreements, token banks, multi-asset wallets, crowdfunding, etc. ICB hopes to build a digital asset banking system with a scalable security system, and based on this, provides a wealth of multi-level value-added services such as token daily payment functions, risk management, upstream asset crowdfunding, enterprise-level services, etc., creating new investment opportunities and assets appreciation method to its users globally.

ICBX is a token released through IntercoinX in the form of IEO. The total amount of issuance is 1 billion, and it is guaranteed that there will be no further issuance in the future. ICB Coin is a ERC 20 standard token based on of the Ethereum blockchain.


Intercoin X

Industry revolutionizing is the ultimate goal of the IntercoinX core team. The ultimate form of IntercoinX is a platform which anyone can write their own chapters in the digital financial market anytime and anywhere.

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XDream 3.0

xDream 3.0 is the "Intelligent Digital Asset Financial Manager" developed exclusively for IntercoinX in the view of globalization. xDream 3.0 are designed to provide a comprehensive digital asset financial advisor service with 24-hour operation accordance to digital asset finance market to provide multi-dimensional financial advisor service.

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ICBPay Global Payments

ICBPay is an independent cryptocurrency third-party token payment platform built by using DAG technology. DAG securely establish a payment and settlement network in a physical device group in a decentralized way with ease. It represented a new design of the traditional blockchain structure will be the technical basis for the next generation blockchain.

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ICB Mall


ICBX is a token released through IntercoinX in the form of IEO. The total amount of issuance is 1 billion, and it is guaranteed that there will be no further issuance in the future. ICB Coin is a ERC 20 standard token based on of the Ethereum blockchain.

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May 2018

Launching of IntercoinX project.

June 2018

The headquarters office was established and the founding team was in place.

August 2018

The core team is assembled and resources are in place.

January 2019

IntercoinX release of OTC trading function.

June 2019

Release of CTC trading function, ICBX is open for internal circulation.

September 2019

Integration of new futures trading.

October 2019

ICB is a digital asset. The financial management bank is also a medium for integrating digital assets.

Year 2020

Deployment of xDream3.0, IntercoinX transform into full fledge Intelligent Digital Financial Trading Platform.

Coin Distribution


30 Million

Technical team


60 Million

Market consultant team


80 Million

Strategic partners


100 Million

Strategic committee members


150 Million

Core team


150 Million

Royal foundation


430 Million

Original users in the market

Team Members


Anthony Altmann

Chief Executive Officer

As a financier and an entrepreneur, Anthony Altmann has years of experience in the fields of finance and later blockchain technology and financial technology. Antony was born in a financial family in Russia. His father was an experienced banker and his mother was a stock agent. Since graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in finance and economics, he has co-founded several financial consulting companies and online trading platforms, and has been involved in the early development of several financial technologies through his company. In early 2017, Anthony joined I.C.C as CFO and was responsible for developing and investing in new financial technology and big-data-related technologies, as well as promoting the deployment of AI in financial technology. Because of his outstanding performance and leadership in I.C.C, he is appointed as CEO of IntercoinX, a revolutionary smart digital asset exchange developed by a team of experts.


Josh Basiladze

CTO and Operation Director

Josh Basiladze is the CTO and Operation director of IntercoinX. During his term, he has led the development of the technological strategy and of the team, making major breakthroughs in the fields of AI and cryptocurrency exchange. Before IntercoinX , Josh was a technical engineering architect in a smart finance company in the UK, responsible for the developing process of global and open products of the company. He started his career at various start-ups, including a cybersecurity software start-up. Josh has obtained a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in computer science from his university.


Albin Karlsson

A.I. Director

Albin Karlsson is the A.I Director of IntercoinX. He leads the operation team to use AI to build an AI system specially for IntercoinX. He realizes the smart digital asset financial manager – xDream3.0 and puts it in use. Prior to IntercoinX, Albin worked at an AI company in Silicon Valley as a machine learning scientist. He has rich experience in management and technology consultation. Albin holds a Ph.D. in Biostatistics from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of California at Berkeley.


Arthur Richard

Senior product manager

Arthur is the senior product manager of IntercoinX. He contributed to build the functions and design of the IntercoinX ecosystem, including artificial intelligence, exchange, venture investment. Prior to IntercoinX, Arthur was a technology director in a company in Silicon Valley that focuses on big data analysis. After turning to blockchain, he started researching on digital assets and blockchain derivatives. In IntercoinX, he is responsible for maintaining the ecological health of the platform, monitoring technical bugs, and supervising the developing speed of the platform.